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Oriental / Arabian

(in arabic, english & french versions)

premiere issue - 2006, June

cover - ?

2006 - french and arabic versions

ELLE in Arabia begins with this ORIENTAL edition published in 2 versions : Arabic and French languages and was distributed initially in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and the Maghreb. The two versions are visually identical, in order to capture both Arabic- and French-speaking readers, who are very different.


In 2010 April Elle Arabia continued with english language version as ELLE ARAB WORLD.  It was the third version of Elle Oriental and just continued it's edition with english version magazine.


In March 2012,  first issue of ELLE issued in Lebanon but initially it did not last as separate edition. So all editions of arabic ELLE is one edition in 3 languages, and shall be distinguished as ELLE ARABIA.


From June 2006 to March 2010 arabian Elle had 2-language editions.

From April 2010 it has 3 editions and 3 covers as far.

April 2010 - the english version joined the ELLE Oriental magazine with Freida Pinto on the premiere cover.

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